The Golden Rule Gallery

The Golden RuleOpening an art gallery is a challenging decision, especially when you know the market is highly competitive, and art customers are not ordinary customers, the styles are different, the desires and visions towards arts can be very tricky, and a customer who is willing to buy a piece of art or an artisan work, probably looking for something unique, which represents his personality.

We know for sure that the jewelry designer Erin Kate Duininck paid a lot of attention towards establishing her Art Gallery, “The Golden Rule Collective”, which lies now as a remarkable place for art fans and buyers on Water Street in Excelsior.

Water Street in Excelsior is famous with its art community culture, the shopping that thrives everywhere, as it has many shops, especially of retail merchandising, and more than 30 shops are located all over the area.

On 2015, Duininck opened her place, as an art gallery to gather the works of many retail manufacturers, including locals, as a continuous exhibition for their own crafts and goods.

An eye catching effort was made to the place to make its looks beautiful from the inside and the outside aspects, the building stands as a white shop, everything there stands as a piece of art by itself, and the gifted owner made sure the inside look of the place present simplicity, creativity, and offers friendly inspiring atmosphere.

This effort inspired the local magazine “Lake Minnetonka Magazine” to publish Duininck on her cover, and followed by a descriptive story on her store.


Why visiting / buying from the Golden Rule Collective?

It seems that Erin make sure to always choose the local makers with an inspiring way, the place tends to present unique kinds of goods everywhere, as a customer you would not find a problem to choose a real piece of an artisan work.

The gallery is hosting events for small businesses every while, with some sales` opportunities, and you can always stay connected to the store by its Facebook page, and check the latest trends of the goodies on its Instagram account.

Also the place reflects a lot of its owner`s persona, as you can buy custom made jewelry for yourself, as a unique piece of art.

The goodies:

All sort of gifts can be found within the place, as the local makers always provide the store with their fashionable good products.

For example, you can check some of the pictures collection we have gathered for you:

  • Bags:


Stylish but simple…

Embrace the practicality…


  • Clothes & shoes:



Simple but elegant…

  • Accessories:


  • Jewelries, Crafts, Gifts, Canvas, and small furnishings:

Jewelries, Crafts, Gifts, Canvas, and small furnishings

  • Notebooks:


All sizes, with variable covers…

Ps; all the pictures` credits belongs to the Golden Rule website and its Social Media channels.