Portland’s Best Contemporary Art Galleries

blackfish galleryArt fans would not hesitate to visit many places around the world, just to see a piece of unique art that represents a high concept of life or an artist`s vision toward things.

Meanwhile, the contemporary art is the current art trend, which made by many artists all over the world. As experts define the contemporary art as the kind of art that followed the postmodern art. It began approximately on the 1960s, it developed its trend, and made its way through the years to our present time.

Portland became a highly visiting destination for both artists and art fans, the famous city was already having a big reputation for its museums, galleries, parks, and architectural buildings.

And on the recent years, many art galleries were opened all over the city, including the famous contemporary art galleries of Portland.

Whether you are an art lover, or just a visitor to the famous American city, we made you a list of Portland`s best contemporary art galleries, and they are really worthy places to visit.

  • The Blackfish Gallery:

gallery blackfish

In 1979, a group of artists decided to open a supportive place for art`s exhibition, to present their own works, and to give a high support for artists all over the city.

They opened it as a simple place at first, to overdue the commercial constraints of art exhibitions.

The place was developed over the years to become a high popular gallery, with a background history of a 37 years till present time. And the place have a reputation that always maintained by its members as a community and friendly place.

Many art exhibitions and discussion events are hosted in the gallery, and there are works that covers the visions and the artisan pieces of over 100 American artists, including the original members of the gallery.


  • Blue Sky Gallery:

Blue Sky Gallery

Also known as Oregon center for the photographic arts.

Photography is an eye catching art, that place is famous by its unique photography exhibitions of many photographers, on the national and the international aspects.

With an average number of 20 photography exhibitions, which are hosted during the year, the gallery stands with a solid reputation for introducing photography`s latest trends and innovation to its visitors.

For more than 40 years, the gallery presented many famous photographers to the audience, with exceptional works, creative and unique pieces, which covers many kinds of art visions.

Address: 122 NW 8th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209.

Website: Blue Sky Gallery.


  • PDX Contemporary Art Gallery:

PDX Contemporary Art Gallery

It was opened in 1996, with only two decades to be in its age. But the place is famous for showing creative and inspiring pieces of contemporary arts.

And the place itself always maintained a reputation of a high art profile entity, by being located in an architectural building for its 1st and 2nd placement, which were designed by the famous architect Brad Cloepfil.

Owned by Jane Beebe, with a mission for presenting art exhibitions every month, also the place host the famous Window Project, and many art fairs related to the contemporary art.

The place is highly visited by art collectors from all over the world, and it is known for its reputation to present some artists` pieces and creative works in many places in the US.

Address: 925 NW Flanders, Portland, Oregon 97209.

Website: PDX Contemporary Art.