Portland’s Best Contemporary Art Galleries

blackfish galleryArt fans would not hesitate to visit many places around the world, just to see a piece of unique art that represents a high concept of life or an artist`s vision toward things.

Meanwhile, the contemporary art is the current art trend, which made by many artists all over the world. As experts define the contemporary art as the kind of art that followed the postmodern art. It began approximately on the 1960s, it developed its trend, and made its way through the years to our present time.

Portland became a highly visiting destination for both artists and art fans, the famous city was already having a big reputation for its museums, galleries, parks, and architectural buildings.

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The Golden Rule Gallery

The Golden RuleOpening an art gallery is a challenging decision, especially when you know the market is highly competitive, and art customers are not ordinary customers, the styles are different, the desires and visions towards arts can be very tricky, and a customer who is willing to buy a piece of art or an artisan work, probably looking for something unique, which represents his personality.

We know for sure that the jewelry designer Erin Kate Duininck paid a lot of attention towards establishing her Art Gallery, “The Golden Rule Collective”, which lies now as a remarkable place for art fans and buyers on Water Street in Excelsior. Continue reading